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Precision Valley 

The basics. In balance. 

Springfield, Vermont


Here at Precision Valley Dressage, we do things a little bit differently and we are quite proud of that! We focus on creating a well balanced seat right from the start and strive to provide instruction which will enable all students to gain confidence and precision in horsemanship.

Students learn the nature of horses and the means of effectively and safely working with them on the ground and while mounted.

 Classes are made up of small groups to start, which strengthens teamwork, collective responsibility, leadership and confidence. Once further along, students can opt for private or semi private lessons.

We have created our own Level Up learning approach so that our students have goals to achieve, awards to earn and both parents and students can keep track of progress. 

When our students begin the riding portion, we start out without a saddle and without the use of reins. This allows the rider to begin to feel the movements of the horse and how their own bodies can affect that movement. By going this route, negative habits such as using the reins to balance or gripping onto the saddle which creates tension in both horse and rider, are never started.

Our Classes

Our Balanced Basics Horsemastership program offers more than just learning how to ride a horse. Along with teaching riding with a balanced seat, we also teach stable management & horse care including grooming, basic health, nutrition & vet care and all about tack. Students learn time management, confidence, team building, responsibility and so much more! 

Intro to Horsemastership

Dates/Times TBD

Intro Level

$95 per student as group lessons.

$195 as private lessons. 

Our intro class is a 4 session course that will introduce the  fundamentals of horsemanship, in a safe, fun and educational manner. This class is used as an assessment for all new students and is also a great class for those that want a fresh start with horses.

We will cover important safety information, rules and expectations and begin working directly with our horses. ​

We start by learning all about horse behavior and body language and end with grooming. Students as well as parents/guardians must demonstrate that they can follow instruction and abide by all policies and be safe in order to continue learning with us. We want everyone to enjoy their time here with us but it is our job to keep everyone safe! 

This is a great way to decide if horseback riding and our lesson program is the right fit for you!

Training Level

Dates/Times TBD

Training Level

$395 per student as small group lessons. 

$495 as private lessons. 

This 8 week course is designed for our beginner level riders. We will get more in depth with working towards a balanced seat and begin learning stable management skills.

Upon completion students will have learned to prepare their lesson horse for riding (halter, lead, groom, tack up) and properly care for their lesson horse afterwards. Students will be able to mount, and dismount, sit in balance at the walk, learning to steer and ready to begin or already working on trotting.

Sessions will include some time in our barn classroom, ground work and riding. 

Repetition creates habits and we want our students to learn good habits from day one!

Monthly Tuition 

Dates/Times TBD

Monthly Horsemastership Lessons

$195 per student as private or semi private lessons. 

Offered as monthly lesson packages of one lesson per week. Students will continue to work on mastering riding, horsemanship and stable management skills appropriate for each level they are at. We will work on creating a personalized lesson plan and set goals for each of our riders. 

Monthly tuition includes one lesson per week, available as a private or semi private session.

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xxx Parker Hill Rd. Springfield, VT. 05156  |  Tel: 802.233.2228

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